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FRIDAY: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Alabama coach Nick Saban joined the show to talk about a wide range of topics. Here are some of Saban’s remarks:

— Saban talked about his love of rock music and sharing it with good friend Bill Belichick.  “When Bill and I were together in Cleveland, he and I would sneak out and see various concerts. Eagles, Joe Walsh, Ringo Starr.”

— Saban thanked the accordion for becoming a coach: “Grandma Saban made everybody play the accordion. I used to hate lessons and practicing. I learned at 9 years old, if I played baseball and football, that’s the one way I could get out of accordion.”

— Saban weighed in on LSU firing Les Miles: “I think Les Miles is an outstanding coach. I think he did a fantastic job at LSU. His record speaks for itself. It’s been some of our most competitive games. I have a lot of respect for him. I basically think from a players’ perspective … firing people during the season is not endearing to college football or the spirit of college football. …Young people need leadership. They don’t need these kind of changes during the season.”

— Dan asked Saban if he’s ever been to a tailgate: “Not that I can recall,” Saban said. “There are very few games … other than playing … that you go to as a fan.”