FIND A STATION Dan Patrick Show
Happy July 4th from entire group at Dan Patrick Show

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford joined the show to talk about his season and more. Here are some of his remarks:

— On all the close games: “Every game has been within seven points. It’s been wild. We haven’t played a 60- minute game yet in all three phases. We’re playing timely football.”

— Dan asked if he’d rather have the ball down or be on the sideline with a lead in the final minutes. “Down with ball,” Stafford said, “100 times out of 100. I’m a little bit of a control freak. That’s probably why I play quarterback

— On his idols: “Growing up, watching Troy Aikman. Second on that list was Brett Favre. Once I got into the NFL, probably Peyton [Manning]. How he operated at the line of scrimmage.”


— On why he uses Omaha: “It just rolls off the tongue. Some teams are using hurry, hurry. You gotta use short words with a couple of syllables.”

— On expecting twins: “Mid-April is probably going to be our go time.”

— On his career-high rushing paces this season. “Yeah. [People call me] the poor man’s Ezekiel Elliott. I get that a lot.”