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Friday: Recapping MLB playoffs, Chiefs-Broncos

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Andrew Perloff @andrewperloffSide topic off Sooner Schooner goin down... what's most dangerous college mascot/tradition: Bevo? FSU flaming spear… mins ago
Seton @HiMyNameIsSeton@WhiteShoes516 Great meeting you!!45 mins ago
Seton @HiMyNameIsSetonRT @VICE: .@ThatKevinSmith and others tell us the story of making one of the most iconic indie films ever on a shoestring budget at a conjo…47 mins ago
Paul Pabst @PaulPabst@spence66 @NDSUfootball @dpshow I'm rooting for this game. I will wear an NDSU shirt for sure.2 hours ago
Andrew Perloff @andrewperloffBtw, Niners have 3rd hardest remaining schedule behind Arizona and Atlanta. S.F.'s remaining opponents are 42-25-2. hours ago