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June 27, 2016

The Podcast

Hour 1 - Peter King on Johnny Manziel, NFL storylines; Dan on Kevin Durant free agency
Hour 2 - Nick Faldo on Tiger Woods; Adrian Wojnarowski breaks down NBA free agency
Hour 3 - Dan and Danettes weigh in on Manziel; A curtain descends on the back row

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Todd FritzRT @CardsMarkD: Great job by Patrick @RealPeterson21 this am. Thanks for having us @dpshow #AllorNothing mins ago
Paul Pabst"Oh yeah." - Danica Patrick when asked if she could take Kasey Kahne.40 mins ago
Andrew Perloff@lawrence_lilly2 i came in and first thing i said was "holy crap, did you see kris bryant."43 mins ago
Dan Patrick ShowRT @RealPeterson21: Another great time at @dpshow !!!! #AllorNothing #P2Nation #P2onBroadway mins ago
Andrew Perloff@PaulPabst @RealPeterson21 Sneaky unathletic49 mins ago

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Dan PfeiferIf you're bringing back the Battle/Network Stars," you also need to bring back #SCTV's Battle/#PBS Stars. @dpshow10 mins ago
Brady BuchananPoll question @andrewperloff @dpshow @PaulPabst NBC can fund one : Battle of Network Stars remake, or Steak Night in ALmerica.14 mins ago
DoctorRobert333Iam so primed 4 the @LennyDykstra interview. Plz get the deep dirt.Lenny has been around the block 5times @dpshow @PaulPabst @andrewperloff16 mins ago
Stewart-Haas Racing.@DanicaPatrick brought the @dpshow a new @NaturesBakery standee for the man cave. #NASCAR mins ago
Tweety MacTweetfaceEvery time Texas Lt. Gov @DanPatrick does some ignorant racist crap for a moment I think it's @dpshow and I'm sad19 mins ago