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Friday: Drew Brees


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Andrew Perloff @andrewperloffAre we going to have a Rockets-Celtics Finals? Would be 3rd time those two teams met in Finals.7 hours ago
Seton @HiMyNameIsSeton@FloydRTurbo Perhaps if they stopped breaking the law all the time, they wouldn’t have to.7 hours ago
Paul Pabst @PaulPabstRT @MateMagyar: @PaulPabst Just in case if you're living under a rock. Warriors vs. Rockets. TIGHT! Late! TNT hours ago
Seton @HiMyNameIsSetonUnless they say something like “...and that’s why the old CEO is in jail for fraud” you can save all that nonsense.8 hours ago
Seton @HiMyNameIsSetonAll of these apology commercials from companies are super annoying.8 hours ago