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Wednesday: Jeff Passan, Ian O’Connor


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Dan Patrick Show @dpshow“If you’re the owner, why would you bring this up?” - DP questions why new Panthers owner David Tepper is floating… mins ago
Seton @HiMyNameIsSeton@HardballChris @seekerwisdom1 Since when was being liberal a dirty word for Democrats?20 mins ago
Seton @HiMyNameIsSetonRT @NME: My Chemical Romance bandmates still meet up for an annual barbecue mins ago
Seton @HiMyNameIsSeton@KG4424 @zlop820 lol I would say the president of the United States has the ability to impact people’s lives41 mins ago
Dan Patrick Show @dpshow.@Ian_OConnor: How Belichick won back the Pats' locker room after Malcolm Butler SB benching mins ago