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Happy July 4th from entire group at Dan Patrick Show

TOPIC: Walter White

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Cheap Seats @DPCheapSeats@MarcWood71 appreciate the invite but just don't have the time to pick up another league at this time4 years ago
Cheap Seats @DPCheapSeats@MarcWood71 haven't done a ton of research but really starting to like Ben Paulsen with the Rockies4 years ago
Cheap Seats @DPCheapSeatsJPP does not appreciate how much Ben Carson refers to his hands #GOPDebate years ago
Cheap Seats @DPCheapSeatsWhoever doesn't know how to use their cough button should withdraw from the race #GOPDebate4 years ago
Cheap Seats @DPCheapSeatsIf this debate was a sporting event, we would go get our next beer every time Carson or Kasich talked #GOPDebate4 years ago