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NBA commissioner David Stern joined the show to talk about the lockout and what comes next in the labor struggle.

Stern said the owners didn’t want the old deal because not only were teams losing money, the league wasn’t fully competitive.

Stern had some interesting comments on the media’s approach to this lockout. “We’d be happy not having it covered it at all,” Stern said. “We’re not proud of the situation we’re in. … The less coverage the better.”

Stern said that the situation has become unfortunate for the players, who are being misled by the agents and the union. Stern said Billy Hunter and cohorts are trying to galvanize the players, and is advising them to not go down the right path by the owners. “His depiction of our owners’ motives is inaccurate,” Stern said.

Stern actually feels bad for the players. “We have players playing overseas risking an injury for a payday,” Stern said. “It’s very sad.”

Stern emphasized he wants the players back. “I’m a basketball fan,” Stern said. “We gotta get back and play.”



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