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WEDNESDAY: Aaron Rodgers

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joined the show to talk about some of the recent NBA news.

Dan asked Cuban if he was part of blocking the Lakers’ trade for Chris Paul. “No,” Cuban said. “The next time David Stern listened to me will be the first time,” Cuban said.

But Cuban said that one of the issues they tried to resolve in the new contract is figuring out a way to keep stars with their small-market teams. Then their smallest-market team traded away Paul.

Dan asked who got the better of the Paul trade, the Clippers or Hornets. “I think the Clippers did,” Cuban said. He said that the No. 1 rule when you give up a star is give up your worst contract.

Cuban said he was interested in Dwight Howard, but hasn’t made an offer.

Dan asked Cuban why the Lakers traded them Lamar Odom. “You have to ask them,” Cuban said. Cuban said Odom’s agent called the Mavs first to see if they were interested.

Cuban told Dan that the way teams build is very different since the new contract went in place. He said that there are more inhibitors associated with going into the luxury tax realm.

Dan asked how his offseason went after winning the title. “More pressure,” Cuban said. But he had fun with the trophy. Cuban said he took the trophy everywhere he could, including clubs, bars and buddies’ houses. And he confirmed there was damage.

Cuban said he’s still interested in the Dodgers. He’s concerned that someone is going to go in there and over-pay, not leaving enough to spend on players.



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