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MONDAY: Chris Collinsworth

CBS’ Phil Simms joined the show to talk about the big stories in the NFL.

Dan asked if he thinks the NFL will fine Ndamukong Suh for his hit on Jay Cutler last night. “I would not fine him,” Simms said, “but it will be close.” Simms said you can’t consider reputation when you’re assessing fines.

Simms said the problem with the Lions is that they’re one-trick ponies. They don’t have a run game and defenses know what they’re going to do.

Simms commented on the Patriots’ problems. He said their offense isn’t sealing games for them. And even the Jets can throw on that defense. Simms said that they’re trying different combinations, but it’s going to be hard for them to close out games.

Simms talked about Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. “He’s gotta learn how to handle these press conferences better,” Simms said. But he still thinks that Newton makes spectacular plays and gives his team a chance to win.

Simms is headed over to London this week. He thinks that there will be a team in London at some point.