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WEDNESDAY: Bills QB Josh Allen, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts

NBC NFL analyst Cris Collinsworth joined the show to talk about the big stories around the League. Here are some of his takes:

— Collinsworth shared his take on Ndaumkong Suh’s kick to Matt Schaub’s groin. Collinsworth thinks that it was on purpose. Collinsworth thinks he threw his legs at the QB. “Do I think he intentionally kicked him in the groin? What is he Bruce Lee?” Collinsworth said. “I tend to doubt that. I do think he threw what he had available at the quarterback and that was the back of his leg.”

— Dan asked Collinsworth about Jets offensive lineman Brandon Moore calling him out for the way he described the Mark Sanchez fumble. Moore said Collinsworth gave Pats D-lineman Vince Wilfork too much credit. Collinsworth admitted that Sanchez ran into Moore’s leg and caused him to buckle, which made Wilfork’s job a lot easier.

— Collinsworth talked about trying to be more positive last Thursday because it was the Thanksgiving game. He said it was tough, especially because there was so much humorous stuff. The one thing that he said he couldn’t hold back on was when the Jets hit a field goal to make it 35-3, a single firework went off in the stadium. But Collinsworth said he wasn’t comfortable holding back.  “Next year I’m going to just go ahead and be my jerk self,” Collinsworth said

— Collinsworth also talked about how mobile quarterbacks are having a lot of success right now. Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III all won last week. But Collinsworth said that mobile QBs are more effective if the team limits their carries. That way the defense expects it less and the QB can run on big plays, like third downs.

— Colllinsworth weighed in on Jamaal Charles asking for Peyton Manning’s autograph. Colllinsworth has no problem with it. “When the game is over, it’s over,” Collinsworth said. He said it’s harder for fans to let go of the game afterward.



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