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THURSDAY: Johnny Bench, Chris Mannix, Sean Salisbury

TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal joined the show to talk about the big stories around the NBA.

O’Neal weighed in on the Lakers not choosing to hire Phil Jackson.

“Phil’s [has] the type of resume when you come into an office, whatever he says to his employees, his employees can’t dispute it,” O’Neal said.

Dan asked if he thinks the Nets or Knicks will go further. O’Neal actually went with the Nets, noting their hard work.

Shaq told a great story about Michael Jordan talking trash. Jordan told Nick Anderson exactly what he was going to do and then came down the court and did it. O’Neal said that players don’t talk trash the same way.

Shaq also weighed in on his alma mater. He asked if Arkansas reportedly reaching out to Les Miles was tampering and said the Tigers have to keep Miles.

Shaq got into a foul-shooting trash talking session. Shaq at first wanted to bet Dan on free throws, but then thought twice, because “all white guys can shoot.” Shaq said in college he thought the best shooter was Steve Alford. He noted Dell Curry, Glen Rice, Ray Allen and Jason Kapono and others in the NBA. But he said if his life is on the line, he’d go with Dennis Scott to take one free throw.



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