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TUESDAY: Josh Duhamel, Kyle Trask

Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk joined the show to talk about the Packers’ 42-10 win over the Vikings on Thursday night.

Hawk said he didn’t care which QB, Teddy Bridgewater or Christian Ponder, was playing last night – they’d have to prepare the same way for either quarterback because they both could scramble.

Hawk weighed in on the Vikings’ Adria Peterson, who has had a lot of success against Green Bay. “That guy runs harder than anyone I’ve ever faced,” Hawk said.

Hawk said he’s not sure why Thursday night games are not competitive. “We can make that quick turnaround,” Hawk said. “We’re professionals.”

Hawk weighed in on Ohio State strength coach Anthony Schlegel, his former teammate, taking out a fan on the field. He said that Schegel is a great guy, and wasn’t surprised he did this. “I guaranteed he’s dreamed about that for years and years,” Hawk said.