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MONDAY: Troy Aikman

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer joined the show to talk about their dramatic come-from-behind win over the Titans and the wild offseason in Cleveland. Here are some of his takes:

— Hoyer on his relationship with Johnny Manziel: “We definitely get along. We’re not the best friends. I’m not best friends with a lot of guys on the team. We’re coworkers, teammates. Johnny has done a great job of learning as much as he can and be a professional. I haven’t seen him do anything wrong while he’s here. It’s a great quarterback room.”

— Hoyer said on Draft night he planned to turn the TV off after the first pick. But then he forgot to, was doing other things, and came back in the middle of the drama around drafting Manziel.

— Hoyer on his post-game dance moves after beating Tennessee: “I saw Joe Thomas in there and it looked like he needed some help. I tried to imitate what the rest of teammates were doing. With all I’ve been through with injuries, I just wanted to go out and enjoy it. You never know when it’s going to be taken away from you.”

— Hoyer discussed how he dealt with all the controversy around him and Manziel this offseason: “Don’t watch TV, don’t go on the Internet, don’t go on social media. … With training camp you’re so busy. I want to spend time with my family. Because of the rehab I had to do a lot of stuff for my knee. I didn’t have a lot of time to even check up on it.”