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MONDAY: Troy Aikman

NBC’s Rodney Harrison joined the show to talk about the Super Bowl and more.

Harrison has an issue with Marshawn Lynch not talking. He said that for so long Black people in America didn’t have a voice, so when they have the opportunity they should use it: “A lot of young African-American kids look up to him and people applaud it. It’s not right.”

Harrison commented on Deflate-Gate and all the animosity toward New England. “When you sign up to go to the Patriots, you already know you’re going to the most hated team in the League,” Harrison said.

Harrison said he thinks he knows what the people involved stand for and really believes in them.

Harrison looked back on the Super Bowl in Phoenix when David Tyree caught the ball off his helmet. “On the plane over it was the first time I’ve watched the game in its entirety,” he said. Rodney said that the Patriots had a lot of opportunities.