FIND A STATION Dan Patrick Show

Actor Vince Vaughn joined the show to talk about his new movie Unfinished Business, being a father and more. Here are some of his takes:

— Vaughn said that he wasn’t always considered a comedic actor. But now he’s excited to be shooting “True Detective”: “It’s pretty awesome. I haven’t done anything dramatic in a while.”

— Dan asked why he never played a superhero. “There were opportunities at certain points. But I never found a calling for it.”

– On whether he was offered the Hangover: “I don’t know if I was offered Hangover. I know that Todd [Phillips], when he made that movie and put that cast together, at the time, they had to do it on a budget.”

— Vaughn on Michael Jordan Bulls: “It was a perfect storm because the teams in Chicago hadn’t won in years. When the Bulls came on, it was like, this isn’t happening.”

— Vaugn on social media. “No. But I do feel like I’m falling behind. I don’t want to have something to say every day. I feel like the old guy who wasn’t in favor of the automobile.”

— Vaughn on whether he knew Bradley Cooper was going to be a star when shooting Wedding Crashsers: “I really did. I really liked Bradley a lot. …. I always knew Bradley was a really good actor and real committed.”