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Christian Laettner joined the show to talk about the new ESPN 30-for-30 film “I hate Christian Laettner.”

Laettner says that perception has become reality that he was a bad guy. But he said at the time he just wanted to win. That beings said, if he could go back he wouldn’t “work up the ire” of opposing fans and players.

Laettner said when he got to Duke, the Blue Devils had a reputation of being soft and not being able to win the big one. Laettner said they were very much aware of that reputation.

Dan asked if race had anything to do with players disliking him. “It was pretty much universal,” Laettner said.

Laettner also talked about stepping on Aminu Timberlake’s chest (actually a case of mistaken identity) and the shot over Kentucky in the Tournament. He clarified, the shot was harder than Grant Hill’s pass.