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MONDAY: Recapping NFL, College Football, NBA Playoffs

TNT’s Charles Barkley joined the show to talk about the NBA Playoffs and much more.

Barkley weighed in on intentional fouling in this year’s postseason. “I don’t like it,” Barkley said. “But we can’t change the rules every time we don’t like something.”

Barkley credited the Rockets’ supporting cast for playing well in Game 6 against the Clippers. He said that they were actually better with James Harden on the bench because of defense.

Barkley talked about Shaquille O’Neal falling. “We probably shouldn’t have laughed,” Barkley said. “But we had to laugh.”

Barkley also commented on Floyd Mayweather flaunting his money. He said athletes have to be careful because families pay a lot for shoes. But he doesn’t resent anyone for earning as much as they can – especially in that sport.

“There’s a reason football and boxing are my favorite sports,” Barkley said. “Because you have to be crazy to do either of them.”

Barkley weighed in on football possibly making offseason changes. He said they should quit preseason football but don’t worry about changing the extra point. Meanwhile, he thinks the NBA could change some things. “What they really need to do is shorten the season to 70 games,” Barkley said. “We should start at Christmas and only play 70 games. That would help the NBA more than anything.”