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MONDAY: Chris Collinsworth

Herschel Walker joined the show to look back at his career and discuss competing in MMA.

“I don’t do it for money,” said Walker of his MMA fighting. “I do it to beat people up.”

Walker said his whole life, going back to when he was a kid, people had told him he couldn’t do things. But he’s discovered he can do anything if he puts in the work. That’s where the sit-ups and push-up things came from.

Walker discussed how it took time to get to a certain level at MMA. He also said that the could definitely take the four Danettes.

Dan asked if he liked playing football. “Not until I got to the Cowboys,” Walker said. “Coach Landry made me enjoy [football].”

Walker doesn’t hold a grudge against Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones for trading him. He said that Jones is the best owner in football, but not a great general manager.