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WEDNESDAY: Aaron Rodgers

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson joined the show to talk about his new series “Ballers” on HBO and to look back at his incredible career.

Johnson talked about his incredible team at Miami and when Warren Sapp moved from tight end to defensive tackle: “He looked at me and said, I gotta tell you man, I’m taking your spot. I said you ain’t taking my spot. And then about six months later he took my spot.

Dan asked Johnson which was shadier, Hollywood or sports. The Rock said Hollywood. “My history with sports really prepared me for Hollywood,” Johnson explained. “At the end of the day there’s still hard work, discipline.”

The Rock also explained how this show to got to HBO. They went to Entourage create Steve Levinson and asked if he had anything – in part to fill that void. And Levinson was a huge sports fan.

Johnson also told a great story about a wardrobe malfunction early in his career.