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FRIDAY: Rob Manfred, Brady Quinn

Larry Bird joined the show to talk about his Pacers wearing Hickory jerseys (from Hoosiers) and much more.

Bird looked back at high school career. He said they didn’t get far in the state because his point guard missed crucial free throws at the end of games.

Bird said that he didn’t know he was going to be a superstar at 18. “There’s no way I could come out at 18, 19 and go pro,” Bird said.

Bird also looked back at basketball in the 1980s. He said they would kill you in the East and then the Lakers would run all day.

Dan asked Bird about Michael Jordan’s quotes that he could beat some of his current players in one-on-one right now. Bird laughed and said people have to let things go. Bird did say that Dan

“I hate to admit this, but he’d kill me,” Bird said. “I’m 40 pounds heavier then when I played. I don’t have the fight in me any more.”

Bird had a solution to fix tanking — if you’re in the lottery three years in a row, you have to trade that pick the next year.