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WEDNESDAY: Greg Anthony, Jay Bilas

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews joined the show to talk about their Week 1 win over the Bears.

Dan asked Matthews about his running skills returning the interception on Sunday. Matthews said he played tight end in high school. Dan asked if he could outrun Aaron Rodgers. Matthews laughed at that, because of course he would, but admitted he’d tap out after 60 if they were running to 100.

Matthews also talked about sacking Brett Favre, trying to run down Russell Wilson, the non-reaction to DeflateGate and his small shoulder pads.

And Watt weighed in on J.J. Watt’s helmet falling off before a sack. “There’s no doubt about it,” Matthews said. “He knew it was third and long. He unbuckled both straps.” We think Matthews was kidding, but it’s hard to tell with Clay.

Matthews also turned the tables on Dan and asked a series of questions about him leaving ESPN and complimented DP’s glasses.