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Thursday: Chris Simms

FOX’s Troy Aikman joined the show to talk about the Giants-Cowboys game he called yesterday and other big storylines around the NFL.

Aikman commented on the huge impact of Tony Romo’s injury in Dallas: “Had he not got injured this division would look entirely different and the Cowboys would have a stranglehold over it. I still think they’ll be a factor at the end of the year.”

Aikman also discussed Greg Hardy who caused more controversy yesterday for the Cowboys. He said Jones has always taken on character risks. “Jerry has shown if you’re a talented football player,” Aikman said, “regardless of your indiscretions in the past, he’s willing to overlook these things.”

Aikman also praised Panthers QB Cam Newton and said even though he doesn’t have big numbers, he should be considered among the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Aikman weighed in on Colin Kaepernick as well. He said that a lot of the people who helped develop Kaepernick are gone from the building in San Francisco, so it’ s not a huge surprise the 49ers QB has lost his confidence.