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MONDAY: Chris Collinsworth

Chicago Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long joined the show to talk about their season and his famous football family. His Bears beat his brother Chris’ team, the Rams, on Sunday, but Chris is injured. Here are some of Long’s comments:

— Long said that he and Chris weren’t that bad as kids: “It wasn’t that we were really destructive. We were just really big. Everything was very dense from a furniture standpoint.”

— Dan asked who he asks for advice from first: “I call my Dad first. Him and I have a similar thought process on  things. Where Chris is really cerebral and his own way of looking at things.”

— Long said he spends a lot of time with Jay Cutler’s family and has seen his QB’s kids grow.

— Dan asked if he still thinks about giving baseball, his sport at first in college, another shot: “I 100 percent have. I think Russell Wilson has the coolest job ever. In the Spring he gets to take batting practice, infield. He is living the dream.”

— Long explained who people say he looks like: “Bull from Night Court. Matt Forte calls me that. Goldberg. If we sign a guy midweek he’s like, hey man, you kind of look like Goldberg. …. The lack of creativity in the dopelganger department drives me crazy.”




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