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MONDAY: Troy Aikman

Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson joined the show to talk about their season and more.

Thompson said that when he and Steph Curry have a shooting contest, whoever had the better night’s sleep will win. Thompson said no one can shoot like Curry off the dribble.

Dan asked if the streak changed the way they play. “Honestly, we haven’t even thought about it,” Thompson said. “The last time we said something about it was when we got that [record 16th win to start the season].” Thompson said no one has brought up a season-long record of 73.

Thompson said that he’s not sure when head coach Steve Kerr will return from a back injury, but he said the team needs him back.  “[Interim coach] Luke [Walton] has done such a phenomenal job … he’s an extension of Steve.”

Thompson also talked about celebrities coming out to see the Warriors. He said Dave Chapelle was at games last year. And he’s seen a lot of guys like Drake and Ethan Hawke on the road. Thompson said that he thinks Drake could take Justin Bieber in hoops.