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MONDAY: Troy Aikman

Soon-to-be Hall of Fame inductee Mike Piazza joined the show to talk about getting the call yesterday about enshrinement in Cooperstown.

Piazza talked about all the rumors he heard during the career and said he used to laugh at what he read in the New York papers.

Piazza explained why he is going in as a Met and not a Dodger. He said he had a tough exit from L.A. but learned a ton there.

Dan asked if he was going to have a mullet or mustache on his plaque. “I’m going to have to go over the proofs,” Piazza said. “I came up with the Fu Manchu. I grew up in the ‘70s when Schmidtie had a perm. The guys in the 80s had all the facial hair. Rollie Fingers.

Dan asked if he remembered one big hit from his career. Piazza couldn’t narrow it down. “I’ve been fortunate to refine my craft and square up some nice hits.”