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MONDAY: Ross Tucker, Reggie Miller

The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski joined the show to break down the NBA trade deadline.

Woj said the looming salary-cap increase likely waters down anything that will happen today: “A lot of teams are saying why give up our young assets if they can be really aggressive in free agency.”

Woj also said that teams don’t feel they’re close and need immediate help: “I don’t think there are any teams in the West saying we’re one player away from catching the Warriors.”

Woj said that the Clippers have trouble getting their stars on the same page. He said Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin aren’t always on the same page.

Woj said watch the Atlanta Hawks – they probably won’t move Al Horford, but possibly Jeff Teague could move.

Woj also commented on the Knicks’ options for head coach. He said Phil Jackson will likely only hire a coach who will run the triangle, which limits their choices.