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ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy joined the show to talk about Steph Curry’s explosion against the Thunder on Saturday night.

“For him to cap it off with that shot … that’s a remarkable, remarkable game,” Van Gundy said. “I think most people who watched it will remember it for quite some time.”

Van Gundy explained why it’s so hard to stop Curry: “When he pulls from that distance, for most players, that’s what you want — a heave. But for him, that’s not a heave.”

Van Gundy said the rules, however, help him. “It’s an incredible time to be a point guard,” Van Gundy said. “Just like the NFL, everything is titled in the offenses direction. You just have to do your best.”

Van Gundy disagrees with Oscar Robertson that Curry wouldn’t be successful back in the day: “With the less sophisticated defenses, even with the hand check, Curry would have been as dominant. Maybe even more so.”

Van Gundy said that he thinks Curry should be Most Improved player as well. “You have to really consider it,” Van Gundy. “I think it would be significant because it shows even at that level you can still take the next step.”