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MONDAY: Troy Aikman

ESPN’s Adam Schefter discussed his interview with former Cowboy Greg Hardy. Schefter said he brought up the idea to Hardy’s agent and they agreed to do it in Oxford, Miss., where Hardy is finishing his degree at Ole Miss. Here is a transcript of a portion of the interview when he discussed Hardy’s believability. You can here the entire interview here.

AS: He feels like he should have not put himself in that situation, around that woman at that time of night, around alcohol. That was his mistake. He swears, he never put a finger on this woman. People can believe what they want.

DP: Do you believe it.
AS: It doesn’t matter what I believe.

DP: We’re having a conversation after that interview. You can be objective.
AS: I went in with the idea that everybody had, that this guy is a monster. I went in there thinking this is one of the scariest people in the NFL.I came out of there with a very different feeling about him. I came out of there feeling this is a guy who has managed to say the wrong things at the wrong times and has not always made the right decisions. I found him to be a changed kind of guy. A guy that I think realized he did makes some mistakes, could have handled things differently. In regards to that incident … I’d like to talk to more people before I can make a judgment. I’ll say this, he wasn’t waivering. He was adamant – I never touched this woman.