FIND A STATION Dan Patrick Show

Dan and Reggie discussed how his TNT crew plus Kobe would fare against a current team …


DP: Could you guys win a playoff game, if I had you, Kenny, Charles, Shaq, Ernie, Chris Webber, and Kobe?
RM: Yes! Yes! So hold on we got and we got 3-D Dennis Scott coming off the bench, we would have bones Brent Barry coming off the bench. That’s our roster?

DP: Yes. Which one these NBA teams?
RM: Out the 16 teams in the playoffs we could beat one of those teams. Is that fair enough?

DP: Yea, but tell me who’d you beat?
RM: I’m calling their game tomorrow, I don’t want to throw them underneath the bus because they don’t have all their players, but without [Mike] Conley and Marc Gasol, I think we could give the Grizzles a run right now.

DP: Are you saying win the Series or win a game?
RM: You said win a game right?

DP: Yeah.
RM: We can win a game. I doubt we can win a series. Look I’m 50, Charles is what 53, Kenny’s 50, Shaq is 40 what… 43-42? Webber is 43. See that’s a hell of a roster. I don’t know ….maybe we could win this series!