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Dan asked Darius if he wants to come on Sports Jeopardy ….


DP: Ok I host Sports Jeopardy and I’m curious if I get you and two other musicians to do sports trivia. Are you in?

DR: I’m in cause I’m winning. Absolutely.


DP: Okay, but give me two other musicians that I could have up there.

DR: Uh, get me and get Dave Matthews cause I don’t think Dave will know a lot.


DP: No Dave’s not gonna know anything.

DR: Exactly but I wanna win!


DP: Dave knows nothing. How about Tim McGraw?

DR: Oh Tim McGraw would be good. Me, Time and let’s see who else …


DP: I got it. Snoop.

DR: I’m in! I’ll take that right now.


DP: You would be the favorite?

DR: In my mind, yeah.


DP:  How about Jay Z ?

DR: Oh yeah, get Jay Z because maybe I can get on his record after that.



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