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TUESDAY: Josh Duhamel, Kyle Trask

Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott joined the show to talk about which teams are interested in him and to argue with McLovin about where teams should take him. Here is some of his conversation with Dan …

DP: If I said to you tell me the team you think is in love with you, would you be able to tell me? Like truly fallen in love with you.
EE: I think the Chicago Bears.

DP: They’re in love?
EE: I think they are.

DP: Are the Dallas Cowboys in love with you?
EE: Um, I don’t know you’d have to ask Jerry [Jones].

DP: (Laughs) Well if I as have to ask them EZ then they’re not in love with you. So Chicago’s in love with you. Are the Giants in love with you?
EE: I’m not sure. I don’t think so.

DP: I’ve got another team that’s in love with you … the Miami Dolphins.
EE: I was thinking that too. I was definitely thinking that.