FIND A STATION Dan Patrick Show

Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost told a story about rowing at Harvard with the famous Winklevoss twins and being around when Facebook first got started going on campus.

DP: How are the Winklevoss twins Colin?
CJ: I think they’re probably doing pretty well. They’re definitely still tall and desire apparently.

DP: And Millionaires, Multimillionaires.
CJ: Yes, I rode crew with them actually, my freshmen year. And I was the heavy weight. They told me to do heavy weight, which was crazy at the time. And these guys showed up and in my mind they were twice my height, the Winklevoss twins. And I was like how can I row against these guys? Eventually I was light weight. But originally it was insane. They were so good at rowing, I was like there’s no way they created Facebook.