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WEDNESDAY: Aaron Rodgers

Dan asked Steve Kerr to compare Michael Jordan and Steph Curry …

DP: When you played with Michael Jordan, you knew you were playing with the best player in the sport. Same thing with Steph Curry’s teammates?
SK: It’s a different feel. Michael was so dominant, physically, emotionally. I always got the sense that everybody was afraid of him – the opponents, the referees, his teammates [laughs]. He was so dominant just with his presence. With Steph it’s totally different. He looks like you’re little brother. He’s just out there running around and firing away and hitting these incredible shots. [Curry] dominates with his skill. Michael did too, but Michael dominated with just his very presence. And I think it’s a different feeling with Steph. It’s one of the reasons he’s so popular. I think people can actually relate. Not so much to his skill, but to his physical stature and just the fact that he looks like a normal guy. It’s remarkable that he can dominate the way that he does at that size.