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UFC president Dana White discussed his relationship with Conor McGregor ….

DP: Last time you spoke to McGregor?
DW: Conor and I have been talking everyday. We’re going to have dinner next week. Our relationship’s great and  we’re going to put the little speed bump in the road that happened there behind us and move forward. So everything’s great.

DP: Can he be on the card for UFC 200?
DW: He will not be on 200. We’re going to get together next week and see what card he’ll end up fighting on.

DP: So I figured 202 in August. I got McGregor and Diaz II. How’s that sound?
DW: You figured that what 202?

DP: Yeah, 202 in August … McGregor-Diaz II.
DW: Sounds like a good idea to me.

DP: Does McGregor think it’s a good idea? Is that confirmation of this?
DW: McGregor’s ready to fight on 200. The thing that has made Conor McGregor a massive star and why people love him … this kid loves to fight. He’ll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. He goes in and goes for broke . His fights are exciting and fun leading up to them, during them, and after them. McGregor is ready to fight.

DP: But is he in for 202? Have you penciled him in?
DW: No. We’re getting together next week and we’re going to figure out whats next.