FIND A STATION Dan Patrick Show

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson joined the show to discuss winning a title, his future and more. He said that his reported retirement is “not set in stone.” He also said he called Luke Walton and the new Lakers coach said he wouldn’t want him on his staff now. And Jefferson described his respect for LeBron … “He’s the baddest man on the planet.”

Here are Jefferson’s comments on retirement….

DP: Are you still a Cavalier?
RJ: Right now, yeah.
DP: For How much longer?
RJ: I don’t know. My teammates are trying to talk me out of it so we’ll see.
DP: Wait, so this isn’t set in stone (that) you’re retiring?
RJ: No, it’s not set in stone. My teammates, Bron and those guys, keep trying to talk me out of it. They’re saying I’m crazy if I  retire. So we’ll see. It’s still up for debate.
DP: If LeBron is asking Richard can you turn him down unless you’ve got something else there. Another job maybe?
RJ: No,  I don’t have too many options but I’m just enjoying this right now and then we’ll reevaluate some things when I’m done. But I’ll tell you the truth, Dan, it was way too stressful . I’m too old for that stress. I’m already 36. Like we made this, we won 10 straight, lost two, won two, lost two, won another.. It was just too much for me.
DP: Are you being serious?
RJ: No, I’m being serious Dan. It was the most stressful …. it was enjoyable but it was like when you’re down 2-0 in the Finals … you’re like oh damn we got to get this right. Then you win one you one, you feel good. Then you lose one you’re like 3-1 no teams ever come back from 3-1 so then you start getting even more stressed out about it. Then it was just like you win Game 5 you can’t celebrate. You win Game 6 you can’t celebrate and then finally Game 7 was like the most intense game I think I’ve ever been apart of in my life. Then all of a sudden you’re the champion and you’re like what just happened.