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WEDNESDAY: Bills QB Josh Allen, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts

ESPN’s Paul Finebaum weighed in on Nick Saban’s presence at the SEC Media Days….

DP: Do we have drama at SEC media days?
PF: Well yes we do. Nick Saban just walked into the hotel here and about 500 of his faithful were screaming. And I’m sure Nick Saban will be address the Rory McIlroy comments any moment.

DP: Is he like Elvis?
PF: I grew up in Memphis and I think he’s bigger than Elvis. You know Dan I’ve covered this man for many many years. But someone said you think Nick Saban dreads walking into this hotel? I think he loves it. He walks in, I covered this by the way, haven’t seen anything like it since Moses parted the Red Sea. And fans are screaming, I went outside to meet someone at about 5:45 this morning and there were already about a hundred or two fans, And it’s not like they sit out there and have a latte with Saban. They’re just screaming his name. He looks up and gives a very awkward, almost a feminine wave. Because as you know, you know Nick he’s not really an extrovert, he doesn’t like to talk to people unless he has to. IT’s just humorous. And then 15 20 30 cameras follow him around like he’s about to be named Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate.