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WEDNESDAY: Greg Anthony, Jay Bilas

New Atlanta Hawks big man Dwight Howard discussed his recent past in Los Angeles and Houston. Here is his discussion with Dan:

DP: Tougher to play with James Harden or Kobe Bryant?
DH: Both of those guys are great competitors. I just think the timing was off for all of us. You know we were all on different paths in our career. Kobe was at the tail end and James is on the rise. You know it was just two different types of teams.  But I think that timing is important. And playing with the Hawks is the right time for me because I’m in a different space physically, mentally, and spiritually. And the Hawks two years ago we’re in a different position than they are now – especially with the new management. So I thinks it’s the perfect time to be home.

DP: Oh that’s a veteran answer there. C’mon answer it. Who’s tougher to play with Harden or Kobe?
DH: Well I can’t really say man. I don’t want to stir up anything. I think both of those guys are great players. And you know despite what people say me and Kobe didn’t have one of those bad relationships. Like I said, we were in two different parts of our career. And I think a lot of the things that were going on [were] hyped up and people thought it was more than what it really was. Personally I can never hate any player or hate on any player. You know all of us are blessed to be able to play in the NBA. It’s not easy to make it here, it’s not easy to stay here you know. So I’d never want to hate on anybody else who made it. I’m proud of anyone who made it to the NBA.
DP: How about I answer it for you Dwight? I’d say that Kobe’s personality was tougher to play with  and James game was harder to play with. How about that?
DH: (Laughs) Ah I mean everybody is going to have their opinions.
DP: You can just nod your head. Nobody will see it. You can just nod your head and I’ll know that’s the correct answer.