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    Jeff hunt@dpshow I'm sure you watched so can we expect a call from Holliday during the show tomorrow? #juju7 mins ago
    Dan Patrick ShowWatch today's @TheBoxscoreShow here: mins ago
    John Portier@JustinLeoBecker I would love for @jaybilas to get 5 min w/ him. @dpshow was relentless, Emmert did not sound like he cared at all.24 mins ago
    Tony Pashos@marcushartman @Kirk_Barton @dpshow u would 2 if u were lied to about your sons death then embarrassed b4 congress 4 seeking truth.30 mins ago
    Marcus Hartman@kirk_barton @biggreek79 His mom talked about it on @dpshow many years ago. She had many questions, sounded very frustrated31 mins ago


    Paul PabstMy 1st Cubs game I: Ivan DeJesus whiffed to end game..bottom 9th..2 men on..down 1. As he walked off, a lady hit him with her purse.27 mins ago
    Paul Pabst@richarddeitsch There is no doubt Richard. That's the one.30 mins ago
    Paul PabstRT @BrianStraus: Dan Patrick asks Donovan if he'd play for Beckham in Miami. LD sighs, says, "Everyone's got a price, Dan...I'm in LA for a…33 mins ago
    Paul PabstRT @MLS: Enjoy this interview with Landon Donovan. It's impossible not to: mins ago
    Paul PabstI'm a Cubs fan. For those of you just tuning in...they just gave a quick summary of the past century in one inning.1 hour ago
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