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    Andy Carlson100% agree with @dpshow. Ed and Steve Sabol are the two most important figures in NFL history.1 min ago
    ᄊムイイ ㄎアム尺ズㄎ@dpshow @HiMyNameIsSeton caption this min ago
    Drew BoylhartThis is what the Draft is all about, read it; @dpshow @ESPN_Colin @nfl @SportsDayDFW @SNYtv @FOXSports14 mins ago
    walter richards@dpshow @CollinsworthNBC what did we learn today Dan knows Stone Crab and how to wheel a table at Joes name dropping on air12 mins ago
    Card TipsRT @LarryHolder: Pretty funny story Brees told on @dpshow about Payton giving him his credit card at SB XLIV for a dinner. Tab was $8K and …21 mins ago


    Paul Pabst@JGiufan76 I like Malnati's deep dish because it's not too much dough. Good mix.1 hour ago
    Paul Pabst@illiniwez85 My favorite Chicago pizza order...Lou Malnati's...Sanfratello's...Auriello's....Ranalli's....Arrnello's.1 hour ago
    Paul Pabst@JGiufan76 I like good pizza...thin and deep dish. It's about quality, not style....there is bad of both.1 hour ago
    Paul PabstTry this man @RealDealBeal23 hour ago
    Andrew PerloffDrew Brees tells @dpshow that he believed Miami, KC were going to take him late in first round. Fins passed, Chiefs traded for Trent Green.1 hour ago
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