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Friday: Doug Flutie

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September 3, 2015

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Seton@StocktonShorts nah. I think I've been pretty low key on this today.12 mins ago
SetonStill nothing from Chris Mortensen on Twitter today. Odd timing for an NFL reporter to be completely silent.14 mins ago
Paul Pabst@awfulannouncing Through the election?22 mins ago
Paul PabstSouth Carolina at UNC-espn now...lots of other games coming up in the next few hours. Good to be back.25 mins ago
SetonYES! @chazkellyisms! A Map Of America's Best/Worst Pun Business Names: @atlasobscura mins ago

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Sterling JacksonTeflon Tommy does it again. @dpshow @RichEisenShow @nflnetwork mins ago
thomas holmes.@PeteFrangie - Rick Neuheisel says Jim Harbaugh slapped his hand during the most awkward handshake ever via @DPShow30 mins ago
Tim WoodThanks @LeBatardShow for tape-delaying broadcast to 1 pm on ESPNU. Won't always have to choose between you and @DPShow. #firstworldproblems1 hour ago
FoxSports1360Eddie George still thinks Tom Brady is a cheater: 'The former NFL running back told The Dan Patrick Sh... @dpshow1 hour ago
Aaron QuevedoMong. hour ago