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    Kelly WaddellJust became a big Bill Lambieer fan after that interview on @dpshow... recording bad boys now. Wish that kind of grit was still in the NBA.1 min ago
    Mark Thompson@dpshow @derekcarrqb @MacBo50 Bakersfield and #bulldogcountry in the house!!!2 mins ago
    Andrew MyersGreat interview on @dpshow with the ring leader of the BAAD Boys2 mins ago
    Scott Monty@dpshow three pitchers have accomplished the immaculate inning more than once. Lefty Grove, Sandy Koufax, and Nolan Ryan.3 mins ago
    Cool Breeze@dpshow Bill Laimbeer is a self-centered piece of shit..He gave no credit to Celtics/Bulls..All this guy did was foul people..What a joke!3 mins ago


    Paul Pabst@Gibbs119 Don't feel bad for us. We give you guys a chance to hear from the main guy. That's our job.4 mins ago
    Paul PabstBill Laimbeer on the Pistons walk off vs. Bulls in 91' Finals. "I said 'I'm out of here'...Chuck Daly tried to talk me out of it."6 mins ago
    Paul Pabst@DGill06 If they are not personal and good questions...sure.8 mins ago
    Paul PabstNCAA Prez Mark Emmert will be on our show Monday...thanks for all the thoughtful question suggestions this morning. I'm saving them for Mark14 mins ago
    Paul Pabst@schoondoggy @tyduffy Or fly commercial.24 mins ago
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