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Tuesday: Debating Joe Burrow

MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds joined the show to talk about the big storylines around baseball.

Reynolds talked about fan violence, and said that different stadiums did feel more dangerous when he was playing. But he thinks it’s really sad fans can’t wear their colors anywhere at any time.

Reynolds commented on the Red Sox. He thinks Boston can get really hot. “Can they win 10 games in a row?” Reynolds asked. “Yes they can.” Reynolds, however, said that the Rays can’t win 10 in a row.

Reynolds thinks the Indians winning seven in a row is the biggest story of the season so far. “I wouldn’t have had them winning seven games in April, let alone in a row,” Reynolds said.

Dan asked him which individuals have impressed him the most. He said Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder and the Yankees’ Russell Martin stand out. He also said A-Rod is “cut-up” and thinks he may have a man-crush.