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NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock joined the show to break down the draft.

Mayock commented on the possibility the Carolina Panthers won’t take Cam Newton. He thinks if Panthers GM Marty Hurney takes Newton, then he’d admit he messed up on Jimmy Clausen in the second round last year.

“I think he’d love to trade down,” Mayock said of the Panthers’ Hurney. “But because of the CBA at risk I don’t think he’ll be able to.”

Mayock is concerned about Newton’s work ethic. He said he thinks he might be content being a multi-millionaire, not a great quarterback.

Mayock thinks that Jake Locker should be the third quarterback taken. He thinks he might go 8, 10 or 12.

Mayock thinks Ryan Mallett might be the most talented quarterback in this class, but he’s “scary” off the field.



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