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Hall of Famer Jerry West joined the show to talk about how the Lakers lost their playoff series to the Mavericks.

“I was a little bit embarrassed,” West said. He described some of their actions as “not something a person in a Lakers uniform should do.”

West said that the Lakers have had something wrong for a long time. “I did not like this team from the start of the year,” West said. “I did not think it was well-equipped to win a championship.”

West had a somewhat pessimistic view of the team’s future. “You can’t blow this team up,” West said. “Nobody wants very many of their players to be honest.”

West admitted he wanted the Lakers to win and sounded a little down about what happened. “It’s been an incredible time for the Lakers,” West said. “This is still a very good team with four very good players. But they need players around them. … Kobe Bryant needs more help. Even though he’s young in age, he’s put a lot of wear and tear on that body. They need help.”

West was proud of the Grizzlies, a team he helped beat. He thinks Zach Randolph might be the best power forward in the NBA and thinks they can knock off the Thunder.

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