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Monday: Recapping NFL preseason

By Paul Pabst

Here is an update on Reggie Bush and the 2005 Heisman Trophy. According to San Diego Hall of Champions Vice President Angela La Chica, the museum took possession of Bush’s Heisman Trophy on March 22 of this year.

Reading from the loan agreement, La Chica said the Trophy was loaned to the museum by Bush’s parents Lamar and Denise Griffin, more than six months after Bush and the Heisman Trust agreed to strip bush of the 2005 honor. At the time the museum took possession of the trophy, they did not know the Heisman Foundation wanted the trophy back.

 “We’ve had it here the past two months, since March 22, but we never displayed it. Some of our employees didn’t even know we had it,” La Chica said. The trophy is currently sitting in a back room in a box.

La Chica added that the museum is in the process of contacting Lamar and Denise Griffin to arrange return of the Heisman Trophy to the family.

The Dan Patrick Show reported on Tuesday that the Heisman Committee had not gotten the trophy back yet.



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