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Monday: Recapping conference title games

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco joined the show to talk about the lockout, his wedding and more.

Flacco said that he doesn’t follow the lockout closely. He said his gut feeling is that they’ll get rolling soon, but he has no real insight. He said he keeps his distance and when a fan asks him, they probably know more than he does.

Flacco commented on the Steelers’ Lamarr Woodley saying Flacco can’t win a Super Bowl. Flacco actually stood up for Woodley a little bit. He said that Woodley wouldn’t say the Ravens can win, because that would mean the Steelers would lose. At the same time, Flacco said it’s somewhat of an attack.

Flacco talked about his leadership style. He said he leads during the week and doesn’t try to get guys fired up on Sunday.

Flacco got married last weekend in Philadelphia. He said that he was allowed to watch some sports on his honeymoon. He saw Roger Federer lose.