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Monday: Reggie Miller on NCAA Tournament

Dale Earnahardt Jr. joined the show to talk about his season and much more.

Dan asked if he missed being No. 8. “I have’t really missed it that much,” Earnhardt said. “88 seems normal to me now.”

Dan asked Earnhardt what was his most prized car. He said a Corvette he raced with his dad in in LeMans.

Earnhardt also talked about his love of the Redskins. He’s liked them since he was a little kid. He told a funny story about his dad rooting for the Raiders just because he was rooting for the ‘Skins in a Super Bowl.

Dan asked Earnhardt who is closer to a title, him or the Redskins. Earnhardt said it’s a “dead heat.”

Dan asked if he ever doesn’t feel like racing. Earnhardt said just during testing, which he finds boring. But Earnhardt said that you have to be on for a race. You have no choice.

Check out Earnhardt Jr.’s Web site for a cool contest he’s working. You can win one of his cars.



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