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WEDNESDAY: Samuel L. Jackson

MontanaHall of Famer Joe Montana joined the show to talk about the big stories in the NFL.

Montana commented on the controversy around Tim Tebow. He thinks that the team shouldn’t worry about changing his throwing style.

“If you change the thing that has made the guy, you take away from his ability to play the game,” Montana said. “If you can throw it accurately and on time, I don’t care what your delivery looks like.”

Montana and Dan talked about the fact that Tebow has more expectations because he was a first-round pick. Montana said that he might have had a longer leash because he was a third-rounder. Montana said it took a year for him to learn what the offense was supposed to do. And Montana said that defenses are even more complex now.

M0ntana said that if he ran the Carolina Panthers, he’d probably start Cam Newton — in part because they’re paying him a lot of money.

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