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Chicago White Sox catcher and current FOX analyst A.J. Pierzynski joined the show to talk about some of the big stories in baseball.

Pierzynski said he was surprised Robin Ventura got the manager job. “It’s going to be weird to have a manager I actually played against,” Pierzynski said.

Pierzynski said the idea of having Paul Konerko as player/manager was hysterical. He said that Konerko thinks too much and he couldn’t do it. He said Konerko would be focused on moves and not be able to pick up a grounder.

Pierzynski said he has no hard feelings about Ozzie Guillen leaving with two games left to go down to Florida.

Pierzynski said he would probably go with Justin Verlander in Game 4 if he managed the Tigers, but he does say Jim Leyland knows his staff a lot better than he does. He also said he thinks the Brewers will find a way to beat the Cardinals.

Pierzynski talked about being voted the meanest player in a recent SI players poll. “I like this one,” Pierzynski said. “It’s not like the other ones.”

Dan asked him about the reports some of the Red Sox pitchers were drinking beer during games. Pierzynski said he would drink during a game some times. He pointed to “rally beers” when you need a lift if things aren’t going your way. And he said he’s done shots before a game



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