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Monday: Jeff Ross and Dave Attell in studio

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy joined the show to talk about the Cowboys chances of going to the BCS title game.

Dan asked if he expects to be in the BCS title game. “Yes,” Gundy said. “I believe our team is playing at a high level.”

Gundy talked about their upcoming opponent Texas Tech and their shocking win over Oklahoma State. “It’s a great example of what most coaches — I should say myself — that we always concern ourselves with trying to get ready to play every Saturday,” Gundy said.

Gundy talked about all the great receivers Oklahoma State has had through the years and Justin Blackmon’s place among them. “Justin has the complete package,” Gundy said. “He’s going to be the best one by the time he’s finished at Oklahoma State.”

Gundy talked about the infamous “I’m a man, I’m 40” speech. He said that it’s helped him on the recruiting trail since it happened.

“It really helped us a lot,” Gundy said. “Still to this day in January when I’m on the road recruiting there will be a mother or father or grandfrather that will bring that up and say we appreciate that. We want this guy to play for you. It helps tremendously in recruiting. They want their kids to go to a school where their coach is going to stand up for them no matter what.”

Gundy commented on the Oklahoma State uniform changes. “I like all of it,” Gundy said. “I’m usually a pretty traditional guy. But the players love it.”



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