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Friday: John Canaan guest hosts

Soccer superstar David Beckham joined the show to talk about winning the MLS title and his future.

Beckham said it was fun to celebrate with his children. They remembered the champagne thing from past titles, but they werent’ old enough to understand.

Beckham talked about the impact he’s had since joining the MLS. “Other people can decide the effect of me being here the last five years,” Beckham said. “I’ve loved being here.”

Beckham said that winning the title wouldn’t affect his future plans. “I’m being honest, I haven’t decided what I should do next,” Beckham said. “Win or lose on Sunday it wouldn’t have mattered.”

Dan asked Beckham if he wants to try to play in another World Cup. “I’d love to play in another World Cup,” Beckham said. “But I wouldn’t put any money on that one.”

Beckham said he thinks he can still play at a high level and he’d quit if he wasn’t. He said that he’s not ruling the Galaxy out. He’s not sure what he will do. But he said that he loves Los Angeles and even if they move away they’ll likely come back.



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