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Friday: MLB Trade Deadline, DeflateGate, NFL Trade Deadline

Keith and Dan at Super Bowl XLIII.

Jim Miller, co-author of the book on ESPN “Those Guys Have All the Fun,” came by the studio to talk about the paperback version of his tome.

Miller said that he gets a lot of questions about Dan and Keith. He said one interviewer insisted that Dan really wants to be back at ESPN right now. Miller said he told them they were smoking something.

Dan asked what was new in the paperback. He talked about how Hannah Storm was in contract negotiation when the controversy with Tony Kornheiser’s remarks became a big story. Miller said she probably gained $500,000 per year after the controversy.

Dan asked Miller about all the reports about sex at ESPN. Miller thinks there was more at ESPN than other companies.

Miller said that the producers of the movie Social Network have the rights to the book and he’s confident they’re going to do something special. Miller said he’d like to see the movie focus on the first five years of the network. Dan said he’s hearing that it could focus on when he and Keith took everything to the next level.

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Dan Patrick ShowToday's show... Mike Florio, Harold Reynolds and @BruceFeldmanCFB. Visit for more10 mins ago
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