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MONDAY: Latest on when sports open up

Former NFL player Todd Marinovich joined the show to talk about”The Marinovich Project” ESPN documentary.

“I was really surprised of how well it came out,” Marinovich said, “and even more suprised by the [aftermath]. … I enjoyed it.”

Dan asked if he still blamed his father for seemingly treating him like a science project turning him into an NFL quarterback.

“I don’t put any blame on him at all,” Marinovich said. “As I’ve gotten older and worked through some things, I know he did [those things] with love in his heart.”

Marinovich said that he is lucky to be alive because he didn’t treat his body well with alcohol and drugs. Marinovich said he’s coming up on three years sober. He said that he was using heroin and crack during halftime when he was in the CFL. “It got bad in Canada,” Marinovich said.

You can see Todd’s art at his Web site